The Purpose Project


Saturday, November 7 2020 from 05:30 am to 05:30 am

Chennai Corporate Fellowship(WFM-CCF) Invites you all to attend the “The Purpose Workshop” in partnership with Purpose Project team led by Rajiv Chelladurai & Team. 
Your purpose is a culmination of a few things that are unique to you like your person and character, your potential and giftings, your passion and your burdens for things that are close to your heart.
Having a sense of purpose is like having a compass that directs you through life. No matter what season you are in, what circumstance you find yourself confronting or what unexpected turns come your way – your purpose will point you in the direction you must take and the choices you have to make to get there. 
Those who find their purpose have a greater sense of destiny & fulfillment in life. They understand the reason they were born, the reason they get up in the morning, and they have a better sense of where they are headed at the in their lives.
Every individual has a unique purpose and The Purpose Project will help you identify our purpose and passionately pursue it.
*It will help you gain answers to questions like:
Who am I?
Is there meaning to life?
Am I really unique or am I really called to do something in life?
What is my potential (hidden or otherwise)?
Why do I not feel fulfilled in my current calling or workspace?
Will pursuing my purpose help me in earning money?
Does my purpose change throughout my life in response to the ups and downs in my experiences?
What is the success or the perception of it? And what and how can I change to be on the path to success?*
The Purpose Project will answer these questions and much more. It will provide you with a sense of renewed confidence and fulfillment like never before. It will also create an impact and help you take purposeful action on elements that can set you on paths to success.
Most of us feel hesitant or feel selfish to find out our purpose and continue to live lives that are second best. We go through the motions of life always living with the void of unhappiness and a sense that something is always missing. A purpose-driven lifestyle will assist in accomplishing the plans of God and enjoying a sense of satisfaction.
Registration Fee: Rs. 1500 plus GST. (Payment Link will be shared after registration).*